Your Consultation

Your consultation will be with the Dentist who is carrying dental implant treatments and NOT with a “Treatment Coordinator”!

You will be seen by our Dentist who carries out the treatments NOT by a “Treatment Coordinator”.  Your situation will be assessed and treatment options and estimated costs will be discussed.

Treatment Planning:
Intra – and Extra Oral Examination (includes Medical History check, Cancer Screening, Functional TMJ analysis)
CT-Scan (CBCT): our fee for a CT-Scan is the lowest in Cornwall: £95
Impressions of your teeth to fabricate Study Models (bite registration and  Facebow articulation)

Treatment Discussion:
We will meet a second time and go through the options in great detail. A written treatment plan will be issued and finance can be arranged.
You are then ready to book your appointment!

Book your appointment now!

Call us on 01637852888 or fill in the contact form. We will be in touch within minutes…

Please note:

To book a consultation a £50 DEPOSIT is required. The deposit will either be refunded or credited if treatment is taken up. 

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