• I recently lost several molar teeth which made eating awkward.
    I needed a solution and envisaged Implants to be the best course of action.
    Accordingly, I evaluated and visited several potential dental practices and advertised “implant centres”.
    Most failed to impress me either regarding their facilities or attitude—-
    THEN I visited Atlantic and had a consultation with Dr. Peer Nelz.

  • Very professional service. You are made to feel at ease very quickly by the whole team and the dental procedures are done very gentle – especially the local anaesthetic injections by Dr Nelz are nearly completely painless! I am very happy with my Implant Bridge and will have my lower jaw treated very soon! Thank you!

    Sales Manager
  • After having been failed by previous dentists (Gum Disease) I have had treatment by Dr Nelz. He placed implants and I received a “sophisticated” removable bridge on telescopic crowns. The teeth look very nice and feel like my own. I had several bad experiences in the past but Dr Nelz solved all problems with great patience and care. I attend the practice every few months for cleaning and checking of the implants. I don’t realize that I have artificial teeth as they feel like my own teeth.


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