Sinus Lift

Sinus lift – the procedure explained

Lateral approach

This is the classic procedure to increase the bone volume in the upper molar region.  The lateral sinus lift has a high success rate and is a painless procedure.
A small “window” is created in order to lift the sinus membrane upwards. The created void will be filled with Bonegraft Material. The grafted area will then be closed with a collagen membrane and the gum will be sutured on top. Dental Implants can be placed either at the same time if there is enough bone or after a healing period of 3- 6 months.

Internal Approach (Internal Sinuslift)

This procedure describes the lifting of the sinus through the bur hole for the implants. (Pictures to follow). This procedure is suitable for a case where a minimum crestal bone height of ~ 5mm is present. In order to place a 10mm implant, the missing 5mm in height can easily be achieved with an internal sinus lift.

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