Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implant Cost Cornwall: Our fees are up to 20% lower than the UK average.


 Implant Assessment
Oral health assessment, OPG, 3-D scanning (if needed)
Treatment Planning
CT-Scan, Study Models, Examination
depending on the case
Dental Implant (Fully completed with Crown)
Uncomplicated case -no bone grafting required.
from £1850
Dental Implant (Fully completed with Crown)
Bone grafting required
from £2550

Full Arch Implants

Overdenture on 4 implants
Ball Attachments/Locators
from £6000
Overdenture/removable Bridge
from £8000
Telescopic Bridge on Implants
Premium Restoration 
Fixed Bridge on 4-6 implants
from £8000
Teeth in a day (including final bridge)
from £12000

Free teeth whitening if 3 or more implants are placed.

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