Dental Implant Consultation

Implant Consultation

Although we dont recommend “shopping around” for the lowest price, we can try to give you an rough estimate of treatment cost. Just complete the Online Dental Implant Assessment but please note X-rays, Photos are essential for an assessment.  If you dont have any of these, please call to book a consultation.

Dental Implant Treatment is a medical procedure and to be taken seriously especially with regards to AFTERCARE and MAINTENANCE. 
We offer a Dental Implant Guarentee in combination with a  comprehensive AFTERCARE package. Please ask for details at the reception. 

Book a Dental  Implant Consultation with a Dentist which includes an X-ray and a discussion about treatment options and costs involved.  Our dentists have years of experience and can also offer ALTERNATIVES to dental implant options such as telescopic bridges/dentures or precision attachment solutions. 

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