Dental Implant Alternatives

Alternatives to dental implants or additions to implant treatments.

Although not too well known in the UK there are viable alternatives (depending on the situation) to having implants fitted.
We offer telescopic bridges and denture which, when correctly done, can last up to 40 years! The telescopic crown principle is explained here.
Another option in the right circumstances is the combination of a fixed bridge with a removable prosthesis via so-called “Precision Attachments”.

Case 1 Telescopic Bridge
Utilizing patients OWN TEETH and 1 implant.
Primary telescopic crowns
Telescopic Bridge in place. Can be removed by patient for cleaning.

In this case, we wanted to keep the 4 remaining teeth and added 1 titanium implant to construct a removable bridge. 
In contrast, a fixed bridge would be difficult to clean and pose a high risk to the remaining teeth (decay, gum disease). 

Secondary telescopic crowns in the bridge
Bridge in place. Shade might be a bit too bright…
Case 2 Precision Attachments
Situation before
Bridge/Crownblock in front

The situation before and after fitting of the bridge with precision attachments.

Denture fitted – precision attachments in the front and clasps over back teeth
View from the front- NO clasps visible

Finished treatment: removable prosthesis attached to the fixed bridge (front teeth) via precision attachments.

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