Dental Implants

Single Tooth Replacements
from £1850.

Teeth in a day

Fixed Teeth on implants in ONE day


to dental implants treatments.

Dental Implant treatments at the highest standards at costs up to 20% below average UK fees. Better equipment than most UK practices: CT Scanner, Intra-oral scanner, Digital X-rays, Laboratory. Implant systems: US made and German/UK made. 

We are affordable because:
  • Experience: we are placing implants since 1997
  • We are using a digital workflow including CT-Scanner
  • We have an Intra-Oral Scanner:  fast digital impressions
  • We are using a first-class but affordable Laboratory in the UK

Dental Implant Online Assessment: Find out if you are suitable for dental implant treatment and get an estimate of the costs (preliminary estimate, pending comprehensive assessment in the clinic).

Success Stories

Upper Front Bridge on Dental Implants

The patient had an ill-fitting denture and was in need of a fixed restoration.

Treatment stages:

  • Treatment Planning: Discussion with Patient, Examination, Study models, Photos, Written Treatment Plan.
  • Surgical Stage: Implant Placement- fitting of temporary prosthesis (fixed or removable).
  • Restorative Stage: Impression taking and fitting of temporary or final restoration.
  • Aftercare and Hygiene Treatments 1-2 x year.
  • Factors such as smoking, poor oral hygiene and diet can affect the longevity of the results.
Missing Front tooth replaced with Dental Implant and Crown

The young lady lost a tooth due to an accident.

Treatment stages:

  • Replacing upper front teeth with implants requires careful planing and execution to avoid aesthetic problems.
  • Often a dental implant and a crown can be placed immediately at the same time by an experienced surgeon.
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